Meet Chris Pack: Ultrarunner

Chris Pack, aka “Packman” has his basecamp in beautiful Paonia, Colorado.  Paonia is a little off the beaten path in Colorado and is surrounded by tons of public lands. One of the most popular areas to run, hike, or bike is the Jumbo Mountain Trail System. Chris’s favorite is a 7 mile loop that traverses the outer edges of the areas.  Chris says “bring your legs and your lungs because there will be climbs but views of the valley and West Elks are well worth the work.”

Chris started running when a drill Sergeant said he had to in 1994 and he just kept at it.  In 2005, Chris started taking running more seriously and wanted to run an ultra.  His favorite race is the half-marathon but he has ran much longer and his goal is to complete a 100 mile race!


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